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and other fields could be well implemented."We should expand the openin▓g up of the two-way markets. China is willing to expand two-way trade and investment with France, improve t▓rade and investment liberalization, and jointly upho▓ld market rules and the principle of fair competition," Xi▓ said.He said he hoped that France will put into action its words of not adopting discriminatory policies against Ch▓ina."China is willing to import more high-quality and▓ safe French agri-food products and carry out a

ll-▓round agricultural cooperation in accordance with m▓arket demand," Xi said, noting that more efforts should be made to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the intellectual property rights field and support the ▓early conclusion of an ambitious and balanced China-Europ▓ean Union (EU) investment agreement.Regarding the alignment▓ of the Belt and R

t called for further cooperation on large-scale p▓rojects, saying that China is ready t

oad Initiative (BRI) with the EU's Euro-Asian connectivity strategy, Xi called for speedy implementation of the agreed demonstration projects, and the▓ promotion of more enterprises to participate in the third-p▓arty market, and the green development of the Belt and Road.Xi said China and France should intensify cooperation on i▓nnovation and achieve sustainable development. Eff▓orts should be made to deepen science and technology cooperation, strengthen cooperation in fields including environmental protection and biodiversity conservation, and expand pragmatic cooperation in new energy vehicles, Internet-connected cars and artificial intelligenc▓e."More French enterprises are welcome to take part ▓in the construction of Wuhan Ecological Demonstration Cit▓y," Xi said.As for promoting exchanges and mutual learning among civilizations, Xi wished the 2021 China-France Year of Culture and Tourism a success, noting that the two sides should strengthen cooperation in museum and cultu▓ral herit

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age protection.Xi said China is ready to st▓rengthen cooperation with France in multilateral mechanisms such as the United Nations (UN) and the Group of 20.The▓ two countries should jointly safeguard the international s▓ystem with the UN at the core, the international order based on international law, as well as the multilateral tra▓ding regime with World Trade Organization (WTO) rules as ▓the cornerstone, Xi said.They should push forward reform of▓ the WTO toward the right direction through consultation,▓ and give special consideration to developing countries' rig▓hts and interests, Xi said."We will adhere to the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities, encourage more countries to cooperate in combating climate change with full and thorough implementation of the Paris Agreement," the Chinese president said.Macron said he is glad to visit China again on the 55th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations."My frequent exchanges with Xi have deepened friendship and political mutual t▓rust between France and China and boosted pragmatic coo▓peration," Macron said, voicing his agreement with Xi on vie▓ws concerning bilateral cooperation.France and China take the same posi

rial chain cooperation with France in the ▓nuclea r energy field, encourage China's enterp rises to e▓xplo re new coopera tion with France not o nly within the two countries, bu t also in third-pa rty market s, and stren gthen join t research and develop ment on nuclear ▓ba se and high-te ch technologies. Xi said he hoped t▓he new cooperation i n aviation, aerospace 兴文县5G 巫山县wap 安仁县wap 永丰县5G 合肥市wap 阿坝藏族羌族自治州5G 北流市5G 正蓝旗5G 滁州市5G 滁州市wap 新丰县wap 绥棱县wap 和顺县wap 文安县5G 余姚市wap 崇仁县5G 和龙市wap 山西省5G 濮阳县wap 牙克石市wap 传奇私服怎么充钱 电信新开传奇私服连击 传奇私服中变开服网 热血传奇私服玉兔 新开传奇私服手游互通版 传奇私服架设全套工具 传奇私服发布网新开网 单机传奇私服版本下载 传奇私服gm后台 刚开一秒传奇私服发布网